Prepare to Meet Your Maker, Hoss

January 10, 1991

Dead Man ScramblingThis is a baseball site (and the only baseball site on the “Internet”), but allow us to delve into football. This weekend, the Bears get to show New York that they are nothing but overrated and overhyped.

Jeff Hostettler (at right) will not like what our defense has in store. Woof! Woof! Woof! And Coach Ditka will call the plays for the offense, so it’ll be a long afternoon for LT and company. In the coaching department, the Bears have it over the Giants. Bill Parcells is lucky Doug Flutie started in ’86 against the Redskins, or Parcells would be the backs and tight ends coach at Colgate or Duke.

Prediction: Bears 42, Giants 6. Chet Coppock even agrees with me.

If only Chet could be on 24 hours a day. Wouldn’t the world be sweeter with an all-sports radio station? I guess WGN is the closest you’ll get. That 3-hour pregame show with Chuck Swirsky and Hub Arkush is sweet!


Winter Meetings Preview

January 9, 1991

Since the Cubs have been very active so far this offseason, we got a look at the reaction of one fan to all the moves Jim Frey has been up to. Frey for all of his efforts, nearly took us to the World Series in 1984, but he just ran out of magic. Maybe this year’s the year.

Also, note the originality of this video. We are sure that no one else has done it on the Internet since these days most people outside of the military, university computer science programs, or the office of the junior Senator from Tennessee know much about the Internet.

Hopefully, we can attract Chuck Swirsky or Chet Coppock or the Sportswriters on TV to mention this.

Click here to check out the very original video.

Friday Night Frank Castillo: Who will have the biggest impact in 1991?

January 9, 1991

OK, we all know how Jim Frey was tireless (and brilliant) this offseason! If only he could fire the Iowa Cubs’ manager.

Still, let’s all agree that adding Danny Jackson (strong left-hander, always pitches a lot of innings), great closer Dave Smith (cool as a cucumber in the 9th) and George Bell (RBI machine who has another five, six years in him) were all brilliant moves. And we’re excited about Gary Scott (move over, Ron Santo) and Frank Castillo.

Who will be most valuable this year?

Welcome Score Fans!

January 9, 1991

Welcome to Fire Jim Essian! We are a group of Dan Bernstein fans who rushed to this site to ensure Jim Essian gets axed as manager of the Chicago Cubs!